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Fashionable and beautiful places in Europe (Cote d’Azur)

There are the most stunning, most fashionable and beautiful places in Europe, and you can visit some of them during the one vacation. Maybe you want to try?


The charming Principality of Monaco occupies the very small area and consists of the one commune; it is famous all over the world for the highest level of recreation. Everything is amazing there: nature, culture, architecture and entertainment. You just should know where to go.The Monaco-Ville (old city) are beautiful in its cobbled streets, old squares, museums and absolutely charming houses. There you can sit in a street cafe for a long time and watch the unhurried life of the townspeople. There are many local shops in Monaco where you can buy designer souvenirs.The Monte Carlo is the modern area, it is located on the coastline and is known for its entertainment venues. Its main pearl is the oldest casino, where the richest people on the planet come every day to try their luck.For people who are not interested in gambling, there are other entertainments - the famous Formula 1 races, yachting or walks in the mountains and flowering parks.

Usually tourists arrive at Nice airport and then take a transfer or taxi to Monaco.


Enchanting Cannes with white sandy beaches, azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, attracts by the atmosphere of the Old Town and gourmet cuisine. Cannes specializes in high-end vocatin. Its best hotels will satisfy even the most demanding traveler, the cleanest beaches, for the most part, are private and equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, and local restaurants amaze with the number of Michelin stars and offer gourmet cuisine for every taste. It is pleasant to walk here along the famous Croisette Boulevard, feeling like a hero of a movie, walk to the Old Port and climb the Mont Chevalier hill, on which the old Suquet quarter is located, which has preserved medieval churches, Gothic squares with stone fountains and narrow shady streets along which you can spend a long time walk on a hot afternoon.Also, there are picturesque Lerins Islands not far from Cannes, which you could visit by yacht.

Transfer to Cannes from Nice costs from 60 euro.


Antibes very nice town. Start your journey from its harbor, which is divided into the Old and New Ports of Vauban. Here you will admire yachts and boats slowly rocking on the waves. After that, you can continue trip through the Old Arch and move towards the market with many stores. Here you can buy fruits and vegetables.You could also wolk along the cozy streets behind the market or along the picturesque ramparts on the Promenade Amiral de Grasse. From here you will have a stunning view of the azure sea.If you will walk along the ramparts to the beautiful Place du Safranier, you will find yourself in the first-class bistro "La Taverne du Safranier" (1 Place du Safranier), and you will taste the most delicious fish dishes in the city. The Museum of Archeology is located in the southern part of the city. It contains artifacts from 4,000 years ago discovered in the Antibes area.

The fastest way to get to Antibes is by transfer from Nice.

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