YouTube Income: How to Make Money on Video Blog

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YouTube Income: How to Make Money on Video Blog

YouTube If you know how to cook well, skillfully nail shelves over the sofa, or your girlfriends are crazy about your ability to do makeup - tell about it on camera. Many video bloggers post videos of their hobbies on the Internet - and earn thousands of dollars on YouTube. Your first step towards this peak may be
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Doing your favorite thing, video bloggers can get a lot of money. They make plasticine hamburgers and just play on the playground. Odessans Keti and Max are perhaps the most popular and wealthiest video bloggers in Ukraine. They have 7 million subscribers, and each of their videos is watched up to 40 million times.

They earn money on YouTube on advertising that flickers before, after and throughout the video. She brings hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to her parents.

Alexander, an engineer by training, first shot an overview of gadgets with his friend. They uploaded the videos to YouTube. For eight years, the channel has been expanded, and now here is a test drive of cars and new products in the world of computer games.

To start your video blog, you first need to decide on a segment. The most popular, and, therefore, profitable - recipes, all about beauty, all kinds of life hacks, as well as children. But the main thing is to find a "chip" for your channel.

“If you have any cool idea, despite the fact that you will be the next person who embroiders a cross on YouTube and tells how to do it, there are a million of them. Anyway, if there is a distinctive feature, and you can do it coolly, with a soul, and your eyes burn with this topic, then success will come, ”said video blogger Semyon.

Maxim, a YouTube video promotion specialist, described exactly how a video crawler generates revenue.

“A person watches a video, and an ad is shown during YouTube video playback - this is a commercial viewing. You get paid for this ad display. In the CIS countries - from 1 to 5 dollars per thousand commercial reproductions, ”Maxim explained.

YouTube itself pays for commercial views. So you can monetize your knowledge and skills - this can become an additional income, and the more views, the more money. To start making money on a video blog, you need a phone with a camera, the Internet and a computer for editing.


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