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Cetan as a financial core of the modern crypto world

Crypto banks are used to perform monetary operations related to cryptocurrency (withdrawals, deposits, loans, investments, savings, etc.). Today, they have a full legal right to perform activities. Cetan allows customers to perform a lot of operations on good terms. An idea of creating the project came up as cryptocurrencies became extremely popular.

The advantages of the payment service and plastic cards:

• Availability of mobile service anywhere in the world if you have Internet connection;

• The most convenient transfer and currency exchange system;

• Availability of a loyalty program for regular customers, business people;

• The minimum size of commission from 1 to 2 %;

• Unified user base;

• Possibility to order a plastic card at home;

• Cooperation with 49 000 000 stores in all countries.

General description of the project

Cetan is an intelligent platform that develops innovative currency solutions for retail crypto trading.

Due to the high commission rate (up to 15 %) and slow transfer speed of conventional exchangers, Cetan has developed more favorable client conditions. Cetan allows you to freely perform operations within the system without significant restrictions. Also, due to the constant increase in the price of tokens/crypto-assets, clients increase personal income several times. Therefore, they must be purchased today.

Learn more about the software features on the website - https://cetan.io/data/files/content/39/2003302229kO43OExVu6.pdf .

Due to the developed application, you can perform full-fledged blockchain banking using the contactless payment system. Cetan uses a comparative quotation algorithm to select the most affordable price on the market for every exchange transaction.

CTN token maintains the course of actual operation, the benefits of a token economy.

Tokens are assets that allow you to use an economic program. Areas of application are limitless, but with a limited emission.


  1. Easy to use – the possibility of high-quality actual use without unnecessary additions and complicated schemes;
  2. Transparent system-blockchain tokens have real value, cannot be forged, and the fact of use is constantly checked. It is not the usual type of points system;
  3. Exchange speed – high-quality transaction processing is provided by specially developed tokens. They can allow a large number of micropayments and information to go through simultaneously;
  4. The ability to earn on the growth of currencies. You do not need to pay attention to technical details.

The token economy is the basis without which no project can exist for more than three to seven years with constant additional investment. The essence of the project is that if a large amount of money is used incorrectly, the system collapses. Specially trained human founders can tell exactly how many tokens need to be put into circulation (from 5 to 10%), and also select a model of use for saving the system.

When demand increases, the price of tokens increases sharply. Continuous tracking requires specialized projects that retain long-term value. This is the purpose that Cetan was released for.

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